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The Economics of the Global Entertainment Industry








After writing my last piece on the global economy and its investment implications, I realized that I mostly repeated what I said in an earlier article. Despite what the CNBC “talking heads” say, the fundamentals of the global economy change very slowly. Right now, global unemployment continues to rise. This means we have not yet reached the bottom. The investment implications of this are to find some safe, high yield investments. And when the economy does bottom out, you should invest in energy, food and emerging market countries while betting against the dollar.

When I have something new to say on this matter, I will let you know. But in the meantime, I will write a few articles on the global economics of things that interest me, such as the global entertainment industry.

The Economics of the Global Entertainment Industry


Entertainment Defined


The Totals



Drugs – Cannabis, Cocaine, and Ecstasy







Computer Games

Live Performances








On one hand, the findings tell a pretty sorry tale about the human race: the leading entertainment items we purchase are alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. They are all escapes from everyone’s daily reality. But I want to emphasize that the above are the purchased entertainment items. Much of what entertains and gives us joy costs very little: taking a walk, socializing with friends, etc.

In doing work on this project, I was continually reminded of the move from physical to digital information transfer: consider what I reported on movies, music, and the growing importance of video games.

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